Everything You Need To Know About Car Brakes

Everything You Need To Know About Car Brakes

May, 22 2023

Your car brake system is one of the major safety components. If the car brake system doesn’t perform well, it means it requires professional repair services. You know the brake system itself consists of multiple components, and all of these work together to make your car stop on the roads instantly. If any of the components is not working appropriately, it means it’s high time to visit Perthcarservice to acquire brake repair and replacement services. But, before going to the auto repair shop, you should have knowledge about the importance, components, and warning signs of the car brake system. Continue reading more about this in detail.

Importance of Car Brake System

You know when you don’t pay attention to the brake system of the car, it means you are risking your life. The brakes are an essential component in stopping and slowing down your vehicle on the road. It can easily prevent future troubles such as terrible road accidents by stopping down on time. For this, getting timely brake repair Perth is compulsory to make use of brakes without trouble in the need of the hour.

Components of Car Brake System

The vehicle brake system consists of two types which are as follows, disc brakes and drum brakes. You know some cars have disc brakes only in the front and some have disc brakes in the front and back also. While drum brakes are available in the rear of the car. Both the disc and drum brakes consist of multiple components which are discussed below:

  1. Brake Rotors
  2. Master Cylinder
  3. Brake Drums
  4. Brake Pads
  5. Brake Caliper
  6. Brake Shoes
  7. Brake Pedal
  8. Brake Booster
  9. ABS Module
  10. Wheel Speed Sensors
  11. Brake Lines

Car Brake System Components Working

You know brakes are the small components of the vehicle and are enough to stop a big car on the road to avoid problems. By pressing the pedal of the brakes, you can easily stop your vehicle whenever you need. The various components of the brake system work together to stop or slow down your car.

When a person presses the brake pedal of the vehicle. In turn, it starts pressing the piston against the cylinder of the brake. Afterward, the hydraulic brake fluid gets released into the brake calipers and lines of every wheel of the vehicle. In turn, the brake pads are squeezed by the brake calipers against the rotors of the brakes. The heat and pressure are absorbed by the brake pedals of the car. After this, the spin of the brake rotors is stopped. In this way, your car stops or slows down through the brake system.

Whenever you push the brake pedal, it starts getting thin. Due to this, timely maintenance and inspection of car brakes is important. In the next section, we will discuss the warning signs that tell your car brake system needs immediate repair and replacement.

Warning Signs of Car Brake System

Variety of warning signs that tell your car needs immediate brake repair Perth from the professional and well-trained mechanic of our company. Below are the brake issues, check them out!

Clicking Noises

When the brake caliper of the car gets loose, it starts making clicking noises. In some cases, a damaged brake pad is also a reason to produce clicking noises. It depicts that your car brake system needs immediate brake pad and brake caliper maintenance and replacement. Take your vehicle to the nearby garage and save your money by preventing expensive brake repair.

Squealing Noises

When your car brakes start making squealing noises, it means something is not right with your brake pads. The brake pads are near to getting worn out. For this, you should instantly take your car to the nearest auto repair shop for the inspection of car brake pedals.

Slower Braking

When your vehicle takes a long time to slow down, it means your car needs instant brake inspection and repair. When you use your car brakes for a longer time. The ability of the brake system to generate friction for slowing down the vehicle diminishes. In this scenario, acquiring services from us is highly beneficial to avoid dangerous road accidents.

Pulling of Vehicle on One Side

When the brake pads of the car are not working appropriately. It can make your vehicle pull on one side, whenever you apply the brakes for slowing down or stopping the car. You know a stuck brake caliper and a damaged brake hose can also be a cause of a car pulling on one side.

Whenever you observe any of the warning signs discussed above. Then, don’t delay and take your car to Perthcarservice for a proper inspection of the brake and resolve the issue to make your drive free from worries on the road. Timely brake inspection can easily escape various problems such as costly repairs and terrible road accidents.