Privacy Policy

Perthcarservice offers highly reliable car repair services in Australia. We ensure to provide you with the top customer services at budget friendly rates! However some privacy policies must be established regarding the sharing of individual private information.

Collection of Personal data

Our company places the confidentiality of its users above all else. We do not require you to enter any private data unless you hire our services for your vehicle. Such private data may include: telephone details, email, vehicle data or full name identification. However the data that you share is completely protected from any unwanted external source.

Sharing Private Details

The only instance when we may share your provided data with some organizations is when they provide auto repair services with our name. Otherwise your personal information stays strictly private with us.

Use of Provided Data

We require our customers to enter non-personally identifiable data each time they visit our website, solely for the reason of determining traffic on our website.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Perthcarservice can make changes to these terms any time. There should not be any objection placed because we put our customers' privacy as our top priority.

Access to Private Information

In accordance with the law, you cannot gain access to your private information once you've entered it. However, we can go the extra mile and grant you that access upon payment of some charges. We also guarantee that your data is strictly and completely shielded from any third party.