Car Brake Repair and Service Perth

Perthcarservice is the leading company in Australia that offers top-quality disk and drum brakes repair services to clients for all car models. By acquiring services from our trained brake specialists in Perth, you can easily ensure a safe, smooth, and comfortable drive.

Disc Brake Service Includes

Our service of disc brakes typically involves the major operations which are discussed below.

  1. Brake pad replacement
  2. Inspection of wheel bearings
  3. Resurfacing the rotors
  4. Complete hydraulic inspection
  5. Disc brake service report

Drum Brake Service Includes

Our drum brake service consists of the following components for proper car functioning.

  1. Inspection and cleaning of wheel bearings
  2. Removing parts from backing plates
  3. Cleaning of brake components
  4. Full brake system inspection
  5. Shoe replacement
Brake Pad Replacement

Brake Repairs Benefits

Brakes are a significant safety part of the car. If your brake takes a long time to stop the vehicle, it is the right time to get brake repairs and maintenance services from experts like us. You will get various benefits by acquiring services from our trained brake mechanics.

Ensure Life Safety

Well-functioning brakes play an essential role in keeping you and others safe while driving. Getting car brake services from time to time can easily ensure life safety by increasing the ability of the car to stop on time. Resultantly, make you secure from severe road accidents.

Higher Resale Value

When you give your car brakes quality service, it enhances car resale value. Second-hand car purchasers always prefer to buy well-maintained cars and pay more for them. Furthermore, also try to keep brake inspection and report documents for future buyers if they ask about it.

Fewer Brake Replacements

Regular maintenance can easily keep your car brakes performing well in the future. It can also reduce the times when your car needs brake repair and maintenance service. Time-to-time brake inspection services from us can also prevent you from future costly repairs.

Higher Gas Mileage

Proper functional brakes can also reduce the usage of gas while driving. Cars work more efficiently by getting proper brake servicing from professional mechanics. The well-maintained car requires less fuel for better and optimum performance while driving.

Why Choose Us

Time Saving

At Perthcarservice, we always value the time of our clients and provide them with quick car brake maintenance services after finding the vehicle’s brake issues in detail.


Our mechanics are trained well and provide you with best and cost-effective car brake repair services to make your drive hassle-free on the roads.

Advanced Tools

Our brake repair services are exceptional and long-lasting because we use the latest tools to fix the issues of your car on time and prevent future costly repairs.

Quality Services

Perthcarservice provides exceptional brake repair services such as replacing worn-out brake pads and avoiding fluid leakage etc, without compromising the quality of your car.

Brake System Important Components

Below are the essential components of the brake system that combined help in stopping or slowing the car whenever you apply the brakes.

Brake Pads: Brake pads usually provide friction between the wheels and the rotors. It can easily slow down or stop the moving car by changing the kinetic energy into heat.

Brake Pedals: It’s the most crucial component of a car and makes it able to stop on the road when you press the brake pedal. Thus, it keeps you and others secure.

Disc Rotor: The disc rotor easily stops your car whenever you press the brake pedal. The friction between brake pads and rotors helps stop the car.

Brake Drum: The brake drum consists of brake shoes. These brake shoes press onto the brake drum to slow down the vehicle while driving.

Brake Calliper: The brake callipers are connected to the brake pads. The pistons in callipers move the brake pads on the disc rotors whenever you press the brake pedal.

Car Brake Repair

Frequently Asked Question

Regular servicing of car brakes from Perth brake specialists of companies like Perthcarservice is essential because it guarantees the long life of both the brake and the vehicle.

Ideally, you should have your car brakes inspected once every six months to avoid future problems like accidents on the roads and costly repairs.

The cost of brake maintenance from auto repair shops like Perthcarservice depends on the extent of damage that occurs to your car brakes.