Signs Of Faulty Transmission

10 Major Signs Of Faulty Transmission Every Car Owner Should Know

September, 12 2023

A person possessing a car is responsible to ensure its good health and optimum efficiency. Like other car components, the transmission has huge importance in smooth driving. It is responsible for shifting the energy from the car engine to its wheels which leads to the effective performance of the car.

Sometimes, you face trouble shifting the gears, which is a major sign that your vehicle’s transmission can be malfunctioned anytime. Whenever you try to change gears, especially in manual transmission, it slips instead of shifting. You need to stay vigilant in case of transmission problems. Or else, you will have to face pricey damages and accidents.

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Top 10 Indications of a Faulty Car Transmission

Detecting problems earlier can protect you from several life-threatening and expensive things. It’s better to carefully inspect your car before every drive rather than regretting later. This article has explored the top ten indications of a malfunctioned car transmission. Here they are.

A Burning Smell

A burning smell is never a satisfactory indication of your vehicle. Whenever you smell something weird, inspect each part of your car carefully. One thing you must know is that if there is no leakage with the bad smell, it means there is a problem with your transmission fluid. It is probably overheating and needs prompt assistance. Moreover, if you have not changed the transmission fluid after 100,000 miles, then the burning smell is the most possible outcome.


The shaking and jerking of the car is the prominent sign of transmission problems in manual vehicles. Unlike automatic vehicles in which you notice the transmission issue after facing difficulty in shifting gears, the warning signs of manual vehicles are different. In these cars, you find your car getting an unusual vibration while shifting gears. The best way to get rid of such problems is to take your car to our transmission repair shop as soon as possible.

Strange Sounds

Noises vary from vehicle to vehicle and their model. You must be aware of your vehicle’s sound so that whenever it starts making strange noises, you can easily notice. Only one malfunctioned component of the transmission can also make a weird noise. If you ignore these signs, it will impact other components as well and result in transmission failure. Always remember that the humming, clunking and buzzing sound is a clear indication of your transmission failure.

Check Engine Light

Always keep an eye on the engine light. Most of the time people don’t even bother to check the engine lights, but that is not the correct thing. It can get you in big trouble someday. That’s why it's pivotal to take engine light seriously. Whenever there is any problem in your car, it starts warning you with a red or blinking light. Thus, if the transmission sensors reinforce the engine light, run to our professional mechanics immediately.

Fluid Leak

A vehicle is composed of 6 major fluids, each needing frequent assistance. If any of the fluid leaks or shows any malfunctioning, it needs to be flushed and replaced immediately. Otherwise, it will impact your car’s engine and result in its inferior performance. In the case of automatic transmission fuel, you can easily identify it due to its color and smell. Moreover, you can inspect its level using a stick. If it is lower than usual, it means that the fluid is leaking.

Clutch Drag

The dragging of the clutch is not a big deal for automatic vehicles, but it is a major concern for manual transmissions. If you notice your clutch laying down on the floor while applying, it means there is an issue with your car transmission. It doesn't allow you to change the gears effectively as it becomes difficult to move the power of the engine to the wheels. It also led to the production of grinding sounds.

Doesn't Go into Gear

The most notable point of your car’s transmission malfunctioning is when your vehicle gets stuck and is unable to move while the engine is functioning. It means that your vehicle refuses to change the gear, and you could probably be in the first gear. It may be due to wrong transmission fluid, mechanical breakdown, faulty clutch connections or sensors, clogged filters, issue with shift cable position, or defective computer system. However, it’s effortless to fix. Detach the battery for 30 mins and let the computer restart.

Slipping Gears

Is your car facing inconvenience changing gears during driving? It’s a clear indication that your vehicle’s transmission is broken down and you have to take care of your automatic and manual gearbox. That’s why it’s pivotal to get your car serviced by our well-trained mechanics if your vehicle stops instantly, experiences gear slipping, or continuously switches to neutral. It is because it is dangerous for the car engine and your life as well.

Excessive Noise While in Neutral

Noise can never be considered a good indication for vehicles. However, the excessive noise while the car is in neutral is bizarre. You need to take your car for engine inspection without any further delay. The reason for this might be reduced level of fluid or incorrect use of fluid type. You can bring your car back to its good health by changing the transmission fluid.

Lack of Power

Are you noticing less or no power in your vehicle, although your engine is functioning properly? It may be due to any transmission problem within your car. There is a high possibility that the car’s dragging brakes, which can be due to multiple factors, are lowering the power to protect the engine from malfunctioning. Reach out to us for reliable assistance.

If your car is experiencing any of the above-mentioned troubles, take your car to Perthcarservice. Our qualified and dependable mechanics guarantee the peak efficiency of your car without making you wait longer.