Car Air Conditioning Smell

Top Reasons for Car Air Conditioning Smell

June, 05 2023

Imagine you get stuck in heavy traffic on a hot summer day and the air coming from the automotive aircon dashboard vents stinks. Oh no! Sitting in a vehicle that smells bad sucks a lot, right? Unfortunately, awful odors from the car air conditioner are a common problem. A number of things can be leading factors to cause air from the AC vents to release unpleasant smells. Whether the air conditioning system of your automobile requires repair or remodeling, invest in hiring Perth car service. Our mechanics have proficiency in dealing with any kind of car issues, providing a pleasant driving experience. Continue reading this comprehensive guideline to know about the top reasons for vehicle air conditioning smells!

Top Reasons for Automotive AC Smell

People usually take the air conditioning unit of the vehicle for granted. For example, you get in the car, switch on the AC, the interior cools off, and this is it. What if a nasty smell starts to accompany the aircon system of your automobile? Don’t ignore it! Get this problem fixed in a short time. The reasons for the bad air conditioner smell are discussed below.

Dirty Air Filters

The cabin air filters have a significant importance in the removal of harmful pollutants, like dust and pollen from the air you breathe in your vehicle. Air filters are often located behind the automotive glove box. These crucial components clean the inside air as they move through the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit of the car.

Keeping air filters well-maintained is very important. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the unpleasant smell of the car's air conditioning system. You for sure don’t want to bother it during the summer days, right? Bring your automobile to our air conditioning repair shop for the effective removal of bacteria and dirt built up in the AC air vents instantly.

Your Car AC may Require Recharge

Going through the routine inspection of your automobile is imperative to ensure that your car doesn’t stop in the midst of nowhere. Talking about the vehicle's aircon unit, it plays a significant role in controlling the overall temperature of the car or engine cabin. The air conditioning system not only prevents your automotive engine from overheating but also keeps you away from being stuck dry and high on the roadside.

Experiencing an awful smell from the AC unit? This depicts that your vehicle's air conditioner needs a quick recharge. This simply includes the removal of old refrigerant gas from the air conditioner, and replacing it with a new one. Get your vehicle AC recharged from us now!

Engine or Antifreeze Coolant

Do you even know how important antifreeze coolant is? Antifreeze is nothing but a colored liquid that is involved in stopping the water in the cooling system of the automotive engine from freezing during cold days. As the outside temperature drops, the antifreeze coolant is automatically pumped all around the engine block, maintaining an even temperature.

If the air conditioner of your vehicle is releasing a sweet odor, there is a need to check the aircon system immediately. This type of sweet smell is a major cause of hazardous ethylene glycerol, indicating that there is a leak in the AC cooling system. Ignoring the inspection of this antifreeze coolant issue would not be good for the health of everyone inside the car.

Gas Leakage

If your vehicle starts smelling like gas when turning the air conditioning unit on. Then, it means there is a gas leakage problem somewhere in the aircon system of your car. For example, when you sit inside the vehicle and switch on the AC, the gas aroma will be ultimately transferred to the air. What now? It is obvious that the air conditioner will take both gas aroma and new air rather than just fresh air. Guess what? This type of foul odor seeping from the aircon vent inside the automobile must be diagnosed immediately.

Want to avoid bad AC odors? Don’t rush anywhere! Go for our Perthcarservice shop for availing customized aircon regas and other vehicle inspection services as early as you can.

Lack of Use

One of the primary causes of the nasty smell from the air conditioning unit is most probably the lack of use. It is a fact that you have to turn on your car AC whether it is the winter or summer season, right? For instance, the air conditioner of your automobile needs to be functional no matter if you want to bring down the inside temperature or raise it.

Lack of daily use often causes a number of pollutants to build up in the aircon unit. These dirt particles will start forming in the vents with the passage of time, resulting in a musty smell. You can solve this issue by an instant anti-bacterial cleanup from the air conditioning filters. But, it would be more effective to visit a nearby garage to avoid further problems.

It doesn’t matter which bad odor is coming out from the air conditioner of your vehicle. Invest your time in hiring the affordable Perthcarservice vehicle maintenance services right now!