Reasons Why Your Car Stalls When Stopped

Top Reasons Why Your Car Stalls When Stopped or Idling

July, 11 2023

Imagine you are getting very late for a special event. Before heading to the destination, you park your automobile outside a shop to purchase something. Now you return to start the automotive engine and it is not working properly. You might be wondering why the engine of your car suddenly shuts off while stopped or idling. Vehicle stalling can be due to a number of potential reasons that should never be ignored. Hiring the top-rated Perth mobile mechanic is the smart decision to get all your vehicle inspections done in no time. Continue to read this ultimate article ahead to have a wide understanding of crucial factors causing your automobile to stall!

Prime Reasons Your Vehicle Stalls When Idling or Stopped

If your vehicle stalls, it is an indication that the automotive engine has become defective due to a number of potential reasons. For example, it can be due to mechanical problems with the fuel or air the vehicle is receiving. The reason your car stalls depends upon many factors as below.

Faulty Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are also the key components that play a significant role in igniting the fuel or air mixture in automotive combustion chambers. If these spark plugs are deteriorated, they would not ignite the mixture properly, delivering less power to the vehicle engine. It is where the engine stalling problem occurs and you need to consult an engine repair expert before it's too late. The variety of spark plugs are available in the market ranging from Silver, Indium, Platinum to Copper. These plugs tend to last for just between 10,000 and 100,000 miles depending upon the type. Some spark plugs are highly costly, Indium and Platinum plugs. Hence, it is a perfect choice to get these plugs inspected at designated time.

Transmission Issues

Unfortunately, stalling an automobile means it requires immediate maintenance assistance such as transmission repair. Just like the manual transmission clutch, the torque converter has also significant importance in getting power from the car engine directly to the drivetrain in the case of automatic transmissions. If the transmission system fails due to any reason, it can be the leading cause for the vehicle to stall. It might demand less serious automotive transmission inspections but must be taken care of to avoid further deterioration. The worn-out solenoids are also responsible for causing the power loss in your vehicle due to improper fluid pressure.

Defective Fuel System

The delivery system of fuel also performs a critical function in delivering the fuel directly from the gas tank to the automotive engine. If you want to provide a higher level of energy to the combustion chamber, a fully-functional fuel pump is required. The faulty fuel system has also become one of the other factors causing your automobile to suddenly stop when stalled. Another crucial component is fuel filters that are involved in filtering harmful debris so that it can’t reach the engine. In case fuel filters get clogged and are not sending enough fuel to the vehicle combustion chamber, it would lead to automotive stalling. Circumvent this issue now!

Clogged EGR Valve

Not familiar with this critical part of an automobile? If not, don’t worry. The automotive EGR is abbreviated as Exhaust Gas Recirculation. This component is involved in circulating exhaust back into the vehicle combustion chambers. It means EGR is responsible for maintaining a healthy and well-operating temperature inside the automotive engine. If the EGR valve is clogged, it can lead your automobile to stall when idling. It is best to invest your money in hiring our car Service shop to avail of professional technician help. Our car mechanics would quickly diagnose the reason behind EGR clogging, getting this problem solved efficiently in the limited timeline.

Defective Air Flow Sensor

An automobile has different sensors that are responsible for causing the engine to operate properly. For instance, these sensors are also important in monitoring the airflow and fuel as they get mixed in the automotive engine. All these sensors communicate very well with the vehicle control module, ensuring that your car runs flawlessly on the road. What if the airflow sensors are defective? It could cause the car engine to shut off automatically. Sensors can prevent your automobile from significant hazards or damage. Therefore, it is worthwhile to bring your car to our garage for availing of customized vehicle repair and maintenance support.

A stall is simply defined as the stopping or slowing down of a car. It occurs when the vehicle engine suddenly stops performing its function. Stalling can also occur due to a lack of air, energy, electrical spark, or fuel, an unexpected engine overload, and fuel deprivation. Though stalling the vehicle while idling is rare, still, there is a need to get it diagnosed and fixed immediately. Don’t rush anywhere! Invest in opting for the affordable Perthcarservice shop whose mechanics have proficiency in mitigating and solving all your automotive issues in time.